Figuring out your 5 year old

Congratulations....... you have made it through the terrible 2’s the thriving 3’s and the questioning 4’s and are now preparing your 5 year old for the transition to BIG SCHOOL…. We often get asked "is my child ready for school?" and it is usually accompanied by "my child can write their name and count to 100!!!" Hmmmm impressive..... We would usually respond with that’s great but can your child Separate easily when left at preschool or day care Can your child look after their belongings Can your child share and take turns Can your child connect with people and share their ideas Can your child play co operatively with their peers Can you child follow multi step instructions Can your child ma

NO is a complete sentence

I so wish I had been the one to come up with this statement because not only do I love it, I truly believe in it. Its an easy way of saying when all is said and done, I am the adult who has had many years experience and knows what’s best for you because I love you and I am saying NO. Some parents find it very hard to say No because of the behaviour that will follow. I hear parents talk about the whingeing, crying, negotiating and then they finally give in because it is much easier. Some parents fall into the habit of over explaining or over negotiating, feeling that their child deserves an explanation. Other parents say that they really want to be their child’s friend. Personally, I believe

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