Love what you do, do what you love

I often stop to think how our business got up and running, and not only does it put a smile on my face but I feel extremely proud of what we have achieved and learnt throughout this crazy ride. Both of us, Angela Hadzipasic and myself, Donna Sheppard, have raised our own children as stay at home mums, and then returned to work in the Early Childhood environment. We are both at the same stage in life with our youngest children (3 children each) completing and graduating from school in 2015. Our worlds have merged just at the right time in our lives. The success story for us is the ability to work together, having very different strengths and also gaining confidence, encouragement and strength

Build it up, build it up, build it high

Yes, this is about school readiness, so keep reading. We will endeavour to give you a little insight into what is needed from the ground up. We have been sending children to school from preschool for over 20 years now and we also work in conjunction with the teachers in these schools. The NSW government has made it extremely hard for parents to make the decision to send to school or not. It is perhaps one of the most important decisions some parents are faced with so far in their child’s life. If a child turns 5 before 31st July then they legally can attend school. Other parents are holding their children back until they are just about to turn 6, which is also legal as long as they are in sc

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