Guiding the behaviour of your 2 year old

Your child turning two is a big milestone for you and your child. It can be a challenging year ahead, but with a little guidance and a strong routine it can be an enjoyable and fun 12 months. From a developmental perspective your child is experiencing and learning to regulate their emotions, moods and feelings and they are also becoming aware of your feelings and moods and can be influenced by these. “Terrible Two’s” is how this age is referred to by most of society. However, at this age they are learning to communicate and verbalise their wants and needs and often become frustrated, angry or embarrassed. As parents guiding this behaviour it is important to understand that they don’t have th

I'm Bored!

Whenever I hear this - my response is ‘How lucky are you, I wish I was bored’ With this I do get some very questioning looks, but really we all hear this from our children whether that be in the holidays or the weekends and we as parents feel the need to fill that void by either playing with our children, letting them use technology or providing structured activities. That way we feel that our children are happy and entertained, which in return makes us happy. Did you know that by letting a child be bored, we are promoting creativity, time management skills, and the ability to invent new ideas and for them to be in control of their own interests. I’m not saying this should happen all the tim

School Readiness

Is He or Isn’t He? That is the question and hot topic in preschools at the moment in regards to school readiness. If you have decided to send your child for the 2019 school year, then set your child up for success by taking on board these 5 handy hints. Go to all Orientations so your child can establish familiar faces and places. Try to befriend other parents so that you can organise play dates before starting, because a familiar face in the playground will be invaluable. Talk often about school and the teachers from now on, and what will happen in the day so your child has time to process this information and ask questions. Be sure that all activities in first term next year are put on hold

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