Tantrums and why 2 year olds need to have them.

Its hard work being a parent to a two year old! Well guess what? Its hard work being a 2 year old! Why I hear you ask? Most 2 year olds are just grasping the concept of talking and communicating. Their vocab is limited to around 50 words! Words including no, give me, want, drink, biscuit, mum and dad. Now here is where you as a parent or carer can assist and help your little one. It is important to be a good role model and encourage words that you would like to hear. For example if you are wanting manners,play a game with your child where you are passing things back and forth and say thank you when you have passed something and encourage your child to say thank you back. When you are offerin

If only I knew THEN what I know NOW

We are at a very exciting time in our lives. Both Angela and I have paid our last school fees and are now starting the slow and agonising trek into the HSC exams with our youngest children. Its funny the way life works. We both have raised 3 children (having had 3 children under the age of 5), with husbands who worked long, tiring hours. We both chose to be ‘stay at home’ mums during this period in our lives and it wasn’t until 2007 that are paths crossed. We became a team in the Early Childhood environment and have worked together, supported each other through some very trying times, and started a business that educates and empowers parents when raising their own children called Back On Tra

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