September 16, 2019

As a parent of a 4 year old you are probably experiencing lots of questions about everything!

  • Why is the sky blue?

  • What is that you are using?

  • How does that work?

  • Who are you talking too?

  • When can we go to the park?

This is the age of wondermen...

January 17, 2019

Don’t just think it’s your child that needs to be ready for the start of school. Now that you have made the decision to send to school, there are certain expectation and responsibilities that you will need to be aware of. All schools are different, however I want to di...

September 9, 2018

You probably thought this time would never come but congratulations you have survived the terrible twos and are now entering what Back On Track have named, the thriving threes.  One of the major factors that living with a three year old starts to improve is because the...

August 22, 2018

Its hard work being a parent to a two year old!

Well guess what?

Its hard work being a 2 year old!

Why I hear you ask?

Most 2 year olds are just grasping the concept of talking and communicating. Their vocab is limited to around 50 words! Words including no, give me, want,...

July 10, 2018

Whenever I hear this - my response is ‘How lucky are you, I wish I was bored’

With this I do get some very questioning looks, but really we all hear this from our children whether that be in the holidays or the weekends and we as parents feel the need to fill that void...

October 2, 2017

Do you and your partner always end in a Mexican Stand off when it comes to your children?

Back on Track have been seeing a reoccurring theme when conducting our in home consultations.

“My partner and I can’t seem to agree on how to raise our children and it always ends i...

January 8, 2017

School Readiness how to set your child up for success.

Is He or Isn’t He?

That is the question and hot topic in preschools at the moment in regards to school readiness. If you have decided to send your child to school, then set your child up for success by taking on boar...

November 9, 2016

Dear Mum,

I love you very much and I don’t mind going shopping every now and again BUT please do not take me shopping on a regular basis, and when we do can we please keep it short and snappy.

I really want to touch everything because that’s the way I learn. I want to pi...

July 24, 2016


            Life experiences bring knowledge and knowledge i...

May 10, 2016

This is a topic that comes up regularly when I am consulting or presenting a workshop to families with young children. Firstly as Elsa from Frozen would say “Let it go”, yes let the guilt go, you are doing the best you can with the time, resources and support you alrea...

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September 16, 2019

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