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Plan your Good Bye

Make it easy for your child to start preschool

Children love Routine, they love boundaries and parents and carers who can be consistent in these two areas will be on a pathway to having happier, well-adjusted children.

We all know this, there is nothing new in what teachers, psychologists and early childhood educators are saying about this, but I want to empower you today with the one thing that could possibly change your year for 2017. The saying goes, ‘we start the way we want to finish’

There is so much information to take on board with your child starting pre school/daycare and that does not take into account the angst, worry and torment you as a parent go through in coming to terms with this. It is also the case for those wonderful nannies and grandparents out there, who are doing the school drop off. Things to remember are:

  • Talk about the preschool/school environment at home. How it looked, some of the activities that were out, the outdoor area.

  • Discuss the routine of the day, (you should have this information in an orientation booklet)

  • Let them know what which part of the routine you will be picking up.


have you discussed what you are going to do at drop off time?

If there is one thing I would say that could change the way in which your year progresses, it is this,

What is going to happen at drop off?

  • Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best

  • Don’t ignore the feeling of angst inside you and your child and hope it goes away

  • Don’t pretend that all will be ok.

You need to take action NOW and put in place a plan, which can be openly discussed with all those who are involved in the drop off routine. This would include, Grandparents, carers, nannies and au pairs. A collective agreement as to what will happen, and then keep it consistent. Communicate regularly with each other, how it went, what worked really well and what may need a little extra tweaking.

For Example:

We are going to walk in and greet the teachers

You will unpack your own bag and there will be a space with your very own name on it where all your things will live.

Mummy can then stay for 2 things that you choose

This gives them the chance to take in what is around them, who is there, what is happening (depending on if you are rushing to work, then keep it the same at 1 thing)

Once those 2 things are complete, you must say Good-bye.

Children need to know you have gone, please do not slink out, as this will cause stress and anxiety in your child in the weeks to follow.

*If they start to become teary and clingy and want you to stay*


Very quietly and firmly give your child a kiss, tell them you love them, will see them at pick up time and move away. You may need to seek teacher assistance at this point.

If you give in to a change in your promise now, it will keep going all year long.

Remember: Children love routine; they feel safe and secure in knowing what is going to happen. If you should stray from your promises you will be making a rod for your own back.


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