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With over 50 years combined experience in the Early Childhood Industry, Donna and Angela have made it their passion in life to educate and empower Parents, Childcare Staff and Nannies with the everyday challenges they are experiencing with their 2-6 year old's.

They are dedicated to providing up to date and relevant information in all their workshops and are proactive about supporting positive interactions with young children whether you are a parent or an educator caring for young children.

Being teachers, they are practical, down to earth and add a sense of humour to their workshop presentations that are receiving many accolades.







































These are a few of the Businesses we have presented workshops for this year.

We are  humbled to be working with such a broad range of businesses.

It is our passion to provide education and empowerment to all those who attend our workshops, incursions and professional development.

We look forward to adding YOU and your business to our photo gallery.











Feedback: A Friend and I attended last nights workshop with the hope that we'd both get 1 or 2 things to take away from the evening that we could use with our children. In the car on the way home we couldn't shut up about how fabulous you both were and how our families are going to be so much better off from just 2 short hours of hearing you both talk. Whilst I wouldn't consider our children to have any specific difficulties, i just loved the overall discussions around expectations, dealing with/avoiding tantrums and routines. It was almost like the manual that kids should come with when they are born.

As a speech pathologist working in early intervention I went with my professional and mummy hats on - and I found you both to be so engaging and knowledgeable. Thank you I will keep my eye out for any future workshops.                   Prue - Mosman




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