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School Readiness

Is He or Isn’t He?

That is the question and hot topic in preschools at the moment in regards to school readiness. If you have decided to send your child for the 2019 school year, then set your child up for success by taking on board these 5 handy hints.

  • Go to all Orientations so your child can establish familiar faces and places.

  • Try to befriend other parents so that you can organise play dates before starting, because a familiar face in the playground will be invaluable.

  • Talk often about school and the teachers from now on, and what will happen in the day so your child has time to process this information and ask questions.

  • Be sure that all activities in first term next year are put on hold. Your child will be tired, exhausted and will need some down time after school.

  • Set an appropriate bed time. Kindergarten children should be in bed no later than 7-30 pm (and even that is quite late). This is one thing that school teachers get very annoyed with because they can see the children who are tired and lack energy and this will inhibit your child to learn and stay focused.


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