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5 Practical tips for Parents with a child starting Preschool

The year your child starts Preschool is a big year for you and your child.

Donna and Angela have put together 5 Practical Tips just for you to make the transition a smooth and stress free experience.


Talk to your child about what they will be doing during their day.

For example

Indoor time may include activities like play dough, painting, building with blocks, playing games and learning new songs.

Outdoor time may include digging in the sandpit, ball games, climbing, art and craft, dressing up and role playing.

It’s also important to talk to them about mealtimes, will they be taking their own food or will they be provided food.

Lunch Boxes and containers

Check that your child can recognise their own containers as they may not recognise their name yet.

Can they open the container unassisted?

You can practice this at home in the lead up to starting or even better take them shopping with you and get them to open them while in the shop with you, if they can open it at the shop they will be able to manage it at preschool.

Label everything

Your child is still learning to take responsibility for their belongings and their things may not make it into their preschool bag/locker by the end of the day.

Label everything including underwear, water bottle, all containers, bags and clothing they will be wearing at preschool including their spare clothes on their bag.

It will also make it much easier for the educators to identify what things belong to what children at the end of the day.


Dress you child in comfortable and practical clothing which will allow your child to explore and play and experiment within the environment in comfort.

Put aside some clothes that are “just kindy clothes” for the days they are in care so you and your child can feel worry free if they get “dirty.”

As educators we know a child has had a good day when they go home with a little paint or play dough on their clothes.

Sensible shoes

No Thongs, Crocs or slides!!!!

Children need safe, sturdy and comfortable shoes so they can run, climb, jump, skip and enjoy their environment without their shoes falling off and slipping.

Their feet should feel relaxed and safe at all times throughout the day.

It is also a good idea to practice at home putting their shoes on and off and encourage independence and work on their self-help skills.

We trust this practical information helps you and your child with the transition.

If you have a helpful hint or a question feel free to comment or ask below.

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