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Why I Do What I Do

Updated: Apr 14

Why I do what I do

I have worked with children my whole working life. I have been a nanny, babysitter, teacher in long day care, preschool and before and after school care and during this time I have also raised 3 children with my husband (4 if you count him).

Why start a consultancy business I hear you ask?

Well, over the years I have been working with children I have also supported the families through good times and challenging times. I have accumulated knowledge, education and lots of tips and strategies in regards to child development and children’s behaviour along the way and I am always sharing, advising and supporting other families along the way.

When I turned 40 I thought “what else could I do?” 2 of my children had finished school and I had 1 to go and I was lucky enough to work part time, yes I know it sound weird as I was still very busy, but I wanted to do something to challenge and stimulate my brain. I felt it was my turn to do something for myself.

After being a nanny for an amazing family, working at my local preschool and supporting Donna through a tough year, I had what we all refer to as “A lightbulb Moment” why not use all your experience, knowledge and education and share it with families for a living, I was already doing it in both my jobs and I thought I could make a go of it on a professional level.

This is where Donna comes into the story. We had already worked together for 8 years at the local preschool. We get on really well. We both laugh a lot and share a similar sense of humour (Insert Kath and Kim here).We love children and all things related. We were both looking for a challenge……So I took a leap of faith and put the idea to her. WELL!!! After a long lunch at a local café we were both in. So we had a chat to our husbands/ financial supporters and they were in too. 100%.

So, many coffees, lunches and maybe a little champagne later Back On Track Early Childhood Professionals was no longer a dream or an idea it was happening.

I have laughed my way through the running of the business. I have taken lots of risks and I can confidently say I have stepped way out of my comfort zone. I have grown and learnt so much about the day to day running of a business and I have loved every moment of it. On the odd occasion where an idea has not taken off I have managed to deal with the disappointment and with lots of support from Donna and the odd joke along the way still ended up with a smile on my face. Even when I was scared and anxious about some of the risks we are about to take. We have come out on top and have not stopped smiling and laughing and my heart is full of pride. There is a lot of job satisfaction in doing a job that excites you.

Our business has taken a bit of a different direction over the last 6 months and we are doing loads of workshops for parents, educators, teachers and nannies, I am confident that the new direction is the right one for us. It is great to have the flexibility and support to follow a passion and do something you love.

In a few weeks we are going to be revising our business plan for 2015 and forecasting for the year 2016. I know it is going to be fun, exciting and nerve racking…..Bring it on!!!!

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