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Why Us?


Life experiences bring knowledge and knowledge is power.

Here is why you should book in a workshop or in-home consultation with the Back On Track Team

  1. We could be really boring and reel off our qualifications of which covers all ages in education and 35 years combined in early childhood or for those who have children or look after children, I could say, we are mothers, teachers, wives, friends, nannies, trainers and presenters, and I think that speaks louder than any piece of paper.

  2. After all these years we both have a passion for working with children and keeping our learning current. We still work in the industry. I am now becoming accustomed to hearing us described as ‘mature’, which I am learning to take as a compliment

  3. Yes we have been dubbed, ‘The Australian Super Nannies (with less attitude.)’ The Mosman Daily wrote a lovely article about our unique services and even though we are nothing like Jo Frost, I guess we are making a difference to families just like her, so this year we are embracing the phrase and running with it.

  4. Delivery of our workshops always comes with a touch of humour. The two of us have known each other for so long now that we can finish each other’s sentences and along with that comes some comical banter. We love weaving real life stories into our presentations, which are sure to bring a smile.

  5. Professional development and this business has become our passion. We truly believe that we have helped many families change the course of their family life for the better and receive that feedback on a regular basis. So whilst we feel that we are making a difference we will continue to expand and thrive on what we do.

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