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Let’s talk School Uniforms


For many children starting school wearing a uniform everyday is a change from being able to wear whatever they have liked & some children find them uncomfortable (think brand new starched tunic…ooh scratchy)

So please think about

👚Can your child manage putting on & taking off their uniform?

👕Buttons & zips can be a new concept that require practice.

👚Can your child turn their shirt or jumper back in the right way after they have taken it off?

👚Have you washed it to soften the fabric?

🧦Can they put their own socks & shoes on?

🖊️Is everything labeled with your child’s full name or first name & initial for the last?

Believe it or not there could be more than one child in their class that has the same name!

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, practice, practice & practice!!

The night before school we suggest you lay out the uniform ready for the morning & get those bags packed & lunches made, this will allow you loads of time to spend with your child in the morning leading up to walking in the gates for the first time (by this we mean extra cuddle time & time to answer questions & offer reassurance)

We hope you found this helpful?

Reach out if you have a question about the school transition.

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