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Tantrums and why 2 year olds need to have them.

Its hard work being a parent to a two year old!

Well guess what?

Its hard work being a 2 year old!

Why I hear you ask?

Most 2 year olds are just grasping the concept of talking and communicating. Their vocab is limited to around 50 words! Words including no, give me, want, drink, biscuit, mum and dad.

Now here is where you as a parent or carer can assist and help your little one.

It is important to be a good role model and encourage words that you would like to hear.

  • For example if you are wanting manners,play a game with your child where you are passing things back and forth and say thank you when you have passed something and encourage your child to say thank you back.

  • When you are offering food say Ta or thank you as you pass the food this way your child will learn that manners are important to get what you would like from other people.

  • When you are talking to your child keep your sentences short and to the point and demonstrate how words are formed. Encourage them to repeat things back to you, make it a game and have fun!

Never give into a tantrum or try to negotiate with your child when they are in the throes of a tantrum.

  • Make sure they are safe and okay and allow the tantrum to take place with little or no interaction from you. When the child has calmed down then it is your chance to move in and explain to your child that they need to use their words to explain what they want or need.

  • Explain that you understand their frustration and its okay to feel frustrated but next time let’s try to use our words to achieve a good outcome.

  • Then leave it there, don’t go on and on about it. Make it short and sweet.

Encourage language at every opportunity.

  • Some words they pick up quick like NO as they hear this a lot from mum and dad and it also gets a good reaction when said.

  • When you are out with your child in the car or walking about point to things and name them, repeat several times and you will find your child will copy you.

It is important for us as parents or carers to encourage lots of talking and interactions and the more you concentrate on teaching your child the less frustrated they will become when they are trying to communicate their wants and needs which will lead to less tantrums and more positive relationships.

If you continue to encourage good and positive language your child will follow your lead.

Good Luck!

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