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Big Girl Pants

This is a phrase and a saying that Angela and I have used often whilst starting up our business, Back On Track. Early Childhood Professionals.


-Suck it up princess

-Harden up

-Grow some

-Man up

These are not particularly nice sayings so when one of us says to the other “Put your big girl pants on” its almost a challenge and a show of support to assist us in making some of those awkward, confronting moments which every business owner at some stage has to do. It could be a phone call, a cold call in person, a follow up for payment or yet another crazy idea to contact a new lead. We have been taken out of our comfort zone in so many ways. As was said in another blog, what would two teachers know about starting up their own business? But by keeping this mantra at the back of our minds and challenging each other, we have truly accomplished some remarkable things over the past 14 months. We have had some funny moments, awkward times, incredible achievements and hard slog moments but this is why our book once it is released in a year or two will be titled, “Big Girl Pants”.

Cold calling is something very foreign to us but it was through fronting up on endless childcare centre doorsteps that Directors, teachers and owners would get a ‘good feel’ about us. Its not an easy thing to do, to be given 30 seconds to make an impression. The two of us together have mastered a technique where by we are extremely friendly, we demonstrate in the first few words that we know the industry very well and we really don’t give them much chance to get a word in. So unfair I hear you say, but that’s business and we are capitalising on working to our strengths.

The biggest achievement to date has been Angela, who said she would do anything in this business, but not present in front of people and groups. I had been exposed to teaching adolescence and adults through my high school and Tafe teaching, and totally respected her stance on the situation, but we rapidly found out that parents were not going to use our ‘in home’ consultation services unless they knew a little about us, who we were and what we stood for, so after many conversations, I finally had her on board.

To her absolute credit, Angela has taken the bull by the horns so to speak and now during workshops and presentations I have to sometimes be bullish to get my words in. She is confident and quick to think on her feet and deep down would feel proud of herself for overcoming that fear to stand up and present to others.

We turned up at our first workshop nervous, scared and a bit shaky and Angela says to me. “No notes, I have none, I’m going to wing it”. So feeling the pressure to step up also, we talked, and discussed points of interest being guided by the flow of the parents in the room to not only create a relaxed atmosphere but demonstrate that we were knowledgeable and passionate about our profession and what we did. Since then and many workshops and conferences under our belt the feedback has been better than we ever anticipated.

Nicole.... 2015 (Belrose Children's Centre)

I wanted to share with you girls Liam's Bits Box that we made together this afternoon. We spent hours on it and had a ball together. I can't believe how into it he is (from a boy I couldn't get to pick up a pencil!!!). Just wanted to say a big thank you for Thursday night, I got so much out of it! We also had a field trip to the observatory today, which he loved too. Thanks again!!!.

Sally's Place..... 2015

Thank you for coming to Sally's place. The feedback from parents and Victoria was that you were wonderful.

I knew when I first met you at the office door that day of our Mothers Day function that you were two very special ladies with something quite unique to offer our industry.

So thank you so much for reaching out to us at Sally's Place and sharing your knowledge.

We look forward to working with both of you in the future.

Sally Lock (Owner/Director).


Thanks for a great workshop. Filled with fantastic tips, advice and ideas to be a better parent. Definitely recommend to others.


I have read your report and have implemented the new bedtime routine with success. Dinner today was at 4.45pm as the kids had a huge day and were getting tired. With your recommendations it is helping me to read their cues. We are starting to see the routine create little windows of time. Yippee, hence me writing to you, or even being able too!

There is so much more feedback on our website at

We are constantly pushing each other and challenging ourselves to do better and that Mantra is one for anyone thinking that any part of their life has a challenge or you simply want to make a positive change. Just put your ‘Big Girl Pants on’, take a breath and go for it. It has worked for us and we hope that it will work for you too - achieving things you never thought possible.

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